ASD-23 Electronic Wall Mounted FOAM Soap Dispenser in Oil Rubbed Bronze

ASD-23 Electronic Wall Mounted FOAM Soap Dispenser in Oil Rubbed Bronze

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MAC Faucets is proud to introduce our newest product line of stainless steel bathroom hardware. Built with style and functionality in mind, the new line allows us to expand on our vision of one cohesive finish for the entire bathroom design. EACH MEMBER OF THIS NEW LINE IS AVAILABLE IN 22+ FINISHES TO MATCH OUR FAUCETS, DECK MOUNTED FOAM DISPENSERS, AND FLUSH VALVES. We’re thankful for the support that we’ve received from the design community, and are delighted with the opportunity to continue to provide EXCEPTIONAL value in design and architecture. ALL MAC FAUCETS LUXURY FINISHES ARE COMMERCIAL FINISHES, DONE IN THE USA BY ARTISENS WITH EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS. SMALL QUANTITY ORDERS ARE NO PROBLEM. LEAD TIME VARIES, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

The Automatic Foam Dispenser, ASD-23 is a special member of this new product line. Not only does the ASD-23 dispense foam, it also dispenses foam hand sanitizer, which makes it ideal for placement at the entrance or exit of the room. The outer casing is made entirely of stainless steel, and is available in 22+ finishes to match MAC Faucets’ entire product line. The wall mounted portion is made of ABS plastic which is fully enclosed within the Stainless Steel casing. The ASD-23 dispenses standard, off the shelf, foam and foam hand sanitizers sold throughout the US. It will not effectively dispense creamy or gritty soaps. Using these types of soaps WILL damage the dispenser and void warranty. The vandal resistant design makes it suitable for commercial application with low or medium vandal risk.

The ASD-23 is battery powered and is shipped with 6x Duracell AA size batteries installed. This new and innovative modular design enables easy in-the-field service should the product need it. No need to spend valuable time on diagnosis or trouble shooting, all the working hardware is housed within ONE easy to replace master component.

  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ability to Use Any Foaming Soap or Foaming Hand Sanitizer for Greater Savings
  • Modular Design for Ease of In-The-Field Service.
  • Anti-Drip Nozzle
  • Front Window to Monitor Soap or Sanitizer Level
  • Vandal Resistant Case
  • Available in 22+ Finishes to Match All MAC Product line
  • **** Not suitable for creamy or gritty soaps  ****