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  • I just wanted to let you know that I installed the faucets and everyone is very happy with how they work. I will be more than happy to recommend this product to any one who asks. Thanks again for helping make this work for us.

    Average Rating:
    - John W., Phoenix, AZ 04:22:01 09-16-2014
  • You folks are VERY PROFESSIONAL, a pleasure doing business with you again.

    Average Rating:
    - Ernie D., Santa Fe, NM 04:20:56 09-16-2014
  • This has been a very pleasant transaction. I am pleased with faucets we purchased, packaging, and speed of delivery. People on the phone are pleasant and easy to talk to. They pick up my call om the second ring each time.

    Average Rating:
    - Stone Independent Research, Inc., Phoenix, NY 04:20:11 09-16-2014
  • Excellent quality, heavy duty commercial grade faucets at a price that is hard to believe. The flush valves are remarkably stout. I will remember this experience the next time I have a project calling for electronic faucets and flush valves.

    Average Rating:
    - michael b., milford, CT 04:19:32 09-16-2014
  • Thank you thank you I'm very pleased & satisfied. I'm amazed at how fast I got my new faucet, and what a beautiful faucet it is. Better than it shows on the website.

    Average Rating:
    - Clara G., Santee, CA 04:19:07 09-16-2014
  • My purchase experience with this company was a good one. I would buy again.

    Average Rating:
    - Angie G., Excelsior Springs, MO 04:18:48 09-16-2014
  • Fine quality product, fair price, fast shipping, first class rating. Bought before, will buy again. [I] Recommended this store for your next purchase.

    Average Rating:
    - Brenda B., Shavertown, PA 04:18:21 09-16-2014
  • Great faucets, great prices, saved me a lot of money, everybody else wants an arm an a leg for the same thing. I am glad I found your company.

    Average Rating:
    - Robert P., West Orange,NJ 04:17:10 09-16-2014
  • A Class organization all the way. SUPERFAST shipping. Very professional prompt service. The product is top quality, just as good or better than others I've used.

    Average Rating:
    - Raymond P., San Angelo,TX 04:16:46 09-16-2014
  • I bought from this these guys before and plan to buy again. The transaction is smooth as always. Shipping was on time this time, the last time they missed their mark by a day or two but more than made up for that in good grace and excellent customer service. Thank you

    Average Rating:
    - Bob B., McMurray,PA 04:16:25 09-16-2014
  • Great Product, Excellent Quality, super low price, Great Shipping, great customer service, No complaints.

    Average Rating:
    - Brenda B., Shavertown,PA 04:16:02 09-16-2014
  • Great deal on a great product, the delivery was extra fast. Looks great works great, not the more wanted.

    Average Rating:
    - David P., Kearny, NJ 04:15:34 09-16-2014
  • What A GREAT store, willing to work w/ you, fast responds, fast shipment

    Average Rating:
    - Yi-Lok L, Leesburg VA 04:15:12 09-16-2014
  • I’ve installed one and it is a million times better than the old model. Literally, I think it is a phenomenal product so far. We have a few more to install, I’ll keep you updated. The programming feature is great as well: **you might want to put a note that it needs to be “programmed” early on in the manual. It's a good selling point.

    Average Rating:
    - Samer K., San Diego, CA 04:14:27 09-16-2014
  • I installed the faucet on Monday. It works great! I very much like thedesign of the faucet and installation was a no-brainer. Instructionswere clear and it is well worth much more money than what I paid for it. I am pleased. My bathroom decoration is Scandinavian contemporary and the faucet fits my white porcelain vessel-style sink perfectly (the rims of the sink are wide and the faucet is mounted on top of the rim). Made me very happy!I had a little bit of trouble adjusting the temperature at first, butit works fine now. And I had to make a hole in my wall to hide the box (I don’t have a sink cabinet). But the result is great.I think your packaging is a little bleak. The product is great and thepackage could proudly show off the product a little more. The chiccontemporary look of the faucet and the quality of it together give awell grounded reason for you to package the product in more stylish box.I am very content with the product!And of course with your attentive service...Thank you so much!:)

    Average Rating:
    - Sari S., Lake Tahoe, CA 04:13:36 09-16-2014
  • A short note to thank you and the others in your organization for what I would describe as wonderful customer support.Recently my custom ordered verde green FA400 faucet (that had been installed seven years ago) stopped working properly. After calling about the problem it was promptly accepted to be returned for analysis. Not only was the faucet returned to me after checking and a preventive replacement part, the original missing installation hardware was included (ALL free of) charge.The help that everyone gave me at Mac Faucets is a reflection that your company has – and maintains - a high standard of good business practices.Please share these thanks with others …..Thanks again,

    Average Rating:
    - Gerald H., Everett, WA 98203 04:09:32 09-16-2014
  • I say that purchasing online with yourcompany was one of the easiest and most satisfying purchases I've ever madeonline. As the purchase agent for the Virginia Air National Guard I commendyou and your organization for being efficient and user friendly from themerchandise selection process all the way to the receipt process. Iespecially applaud Mr. Shakkour for calling me and verifying themerchandise is exactly what I needed, not only that the order arrived longbefore I expected it. Please pass on this note to your management that yourorganization is top of the line. You can be the next time I need a productyour line of merchandise I will definitely order it through Macfaucets.Thanks again.

    Average Rating:
    - Arnold R. MSgt, VaANG, Sandston, Va 04:04:34 09-16-2014
  • Good people to work with. I am a plumbing contractor with 32 years experience in the business. I bought faucets and flush valves from this outfit, perhaps 8-12 times in the past. Never disappointed. Impressed with the product quality, customer support, and quick delivery. Had a faucet go down a few years ago, the owner brought a replacement faucet to my shop that same day on his way home. Where do you find this kind of service in today's world. My latest order was for several decorative electronic faucets (FA400-109) in Oil Rubbed Bronze, the order was at my door steps in a couple of days. I was quoted 30 days by one manufacturer, 60 days by another, neither was a decorative faucet. MAC Faucets: 2 days….. That's impressive. Thank you

    Average Rating:
    - Robert R. jr., hatsworth, CA 03:49:53 09-16-2014
  • I did a search on Google, happy to report that I found Mac Faucets. I called, they had much more than I know existed in IR controlled faucets. The price was affordable. I had never heard of Mac Faucets so I was a tad concerned. However after chatting with a vary knowledgeable and accommodating person on the telephone, I ordered them and before I know it the 2 automatic faucets were at my door.They not only do they work great. They were easy to instal n unbelievably convenient and came with Duracell batteries INSTALLED for the same price. I recommend without a seconds reservation

    Average Rating:
    - Glenn R., Stroudsburg, PA 18360 03:47:26 09-16-2014
  • I purchased from this company 20 times or more. I try to sell their products to my clients every chance I have. They have a super product at a super price (unique combination). Special thanks go to their customer service department, they are truly unsurpassed.By Yahoo! Shopping User Sep 14, 2011 Anonymous.I bought this soap dispenser from your company a while back [PYOS-9000]. I made the purchase two steps forward and one step back. I read the study your company put out on the soap saving but was skeptical. It is not that I doubted that we'll save money on soap with a dispenser that uses regular bulk soap over expensive cartridge soap, I doubted the dollar saving which your study outlined. Also, I was not sure where we fit into this equation you provided, high medium or low traffic, the dispensers are installed in a shopping mall. I am here to attest to the fact that this was a good financial move for us, and we did save loads of money on soap. As it turns out we have medium to heavy traffic bathrooms (according to your study).We did not save the dollar amount that your study outlined, WE SAVED MORE, possibly due to the lower cost we paid for your dispensers and the lower cost we pay for bulk soap. In my personal opinion, your soap saving study, is INCORRECT, THE SAVINGS ARE GREATER IN ACTUALLITY. By the way, you should call the study what it is: “money saving study” since that's what we're all looking to do. I am not sure if we use less soap with your soap dispenser when compared with the automatic soap dispensers we have now, but we definitely spend less on soap.The two obvious areas you might want to look into that might have caused this error are: The price of your soap dispenser is quoted higher on the study than the prices that it is sold for, yet the cost of your competitor's soap dispenser is right. The cost of bulk soap is not $12.00 per gallon, but between $8.00 and $10.00 per gallon through janitorial supply places, yet the cost of your competitor's soap cartridge is right.I hope that you take my constructive criticism to heart.Additional notes: The dispensers have been working great and without trouble. They are more robust than the other units we have in place (brass vs. plastic), and easier to refill and keep clean. Throughout the year we plan to replace the automatic cartridge soap dispensers we currently have in place with MAC [PYOS-9000].

    Average Rating:
    - John H., Boca Raton FL 03:41:52 09-16-2014
  • Back in 2002 I remodeled my master bathroom, part of a larger remodel project encompassing the entire house. The vanity design, which is custom made for my home, did not leave room for faucet handles. Don't misunderstand me, there was always space for the handles, but the handles would have taken away from the esthetics of the vanity. It's a beautiful vanity, I still admire it till this day. So, against the advise of my plumber, I purchased the MAC Faucet FA400-136, a hands free faucet for my vessel sink. I ordered it in oil rubbed bronze. I love the fact that it is a water fall faucet. The feeling of water flowing smoothly over my hands is hard to match, and much better I think than water flowing out of a regular spigot faucet. After 11 years of service, the faucet quit working. It did not produce water in response to my hands being there. So I contacted MAC Faucets thinking that I will need to buy a new faucet. After all, I've had to replace or fix many light fixtures, door fixtures, and other items installed during that long running remodeling project.MAC Faucets offered to sell me parts, but also gave me the option to send the entire faucet back to them for inspection and repair. After about a week or so, I received a call from them stating that the faucet was fixed and it's on the way back to me, get this... FREE OF CHARGE. I did have to pay the shipping, about $15.00 or so. Do you believe it. I had a one year warranty on this faucet but the warranty was honored ELEVEN YEARS after the purchase. So [I] asked the nice lady over the phone the reason behind this unusual treatment. She informed me that this was one of the first faucets they sold in the vessel sink series, and this is their way of extending their thanks for my business. I told here I did not know that I was one of the first to buy this faucet and that MAC Faucets did not have to tell me this, and could have charged a good penny for the repair. Regardless, I did not expect a “freebee” after all these years, but they insisted. I can only offer my thanks and wishes of success to MAC Faucets. Excellent faucet, Excellent service, Excellent group of people to work with.I will also attest to this, and I hope it helps: After eleven years the finish still looked great. I had eleven years of trouble free service, not even a hick up. My batteries lasted me about two years before they needed changing. The faucet was a conversation piece to many friends who saw it because people did not expect to see a hands- free faucet in a home.

    Average Rating:
    - Jean T., Dallas, TX 03:31:57 09-16-2014
  • I want to Express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellence in customer service provided to me by Tomas, a customer service representative with your company. I had a mechanical issue with your FA4316 model. Without fail, Tomas demonstrated patience, product knowledge, and nothing less than professionalism.As a hospitality supervisor for the (major league baseball team*) MLB organization, I recognize the need and challenge of providing effective customer service with the public. I could not be more appreciative and grateful for the level of customer service I received from Tomas.With an employee like Tomas representing the face of your company, it is easy for me to recommend to others to engage in business with your company.Sincerely,Russell F.Pittsburgh, PA

    Average Rating:
    - , 08:02:59 07-13-2013