Collection: Washroom Accessories

Enhance Your Commercial Restrooms with Premium Toilet Tissue Holders

A complete line of premium washroom accessories is available from Electronic Faucet, including commercial toilet tissue holders. These high-quality, performance products are designed to enhance the functionality and style of restrooms, catering to high-traffic commercial spaces. Their quality and performance meet the rigorous requirements of businesses.

We offer a range of toilet tissue holders designed to maintain cleanliness and organization in commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, and hotels. These accessories, made from top-tier materials, are durable and easy to install, ensuring minimal downtime. Their sleek and modern design elevates the aesthetics of the restroom, leaving a lasting positive impression on users.

To ensure a clean and pleasing restroom experience, Electronic Faucet offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality washroom accessories, including commercial toilet tissue holders. Explore the collection to find the ideal toilet tissue holder that complements your washroom's style and functional needs.

At, one can find a wide range of bathroom accessories, including toilet paper dispensers, hands-free towel roll dispensers, and electronic hand dryers, and grab bars in 22+ different finishes!

Automatic paper towel dispensers have a motion sensing system that detects when someone waves their hand in front of it and then proceeds to release a set amount of paper towels onto said person's hands. It provides better control over how much paper one uses on use.

That depends on the model you have opted for your use from The majority of the paper towel dispensers uses 4x Duracell D size batteries