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At Electronic Faucet, we offer innovative solutions for electronic faucets, specializing in Mac Faucets, automatic faucet sensors, electronic soap dispensers, and electronic flush valves that cater to the needs of individuals, businesses, and industrial settings.

Our electronic faucet valves provide a touchless and hygienic solution for your kitchen, bathroom, and high-traffic commercial areas such as public restrooms, airports, and hospitals. Our automatic faucet sensors provide a reliable, hands-free solution that minimizes water waste, enhances cleanliness, and is designed to withstand heavy usage.

Sensors offer constant performance, trouble-free operation, and durability with snipping sensors that can detect your hand's presence quickly and precisely. The touchless process reduces the spread of germs and bacteria and saves water.

Electronic soap dispensers are another great addition to any restroom, offering a touch-free and hygienic way to dispense soap. And for even more convenience and water savings, our electronic flush valves provide a hands-free way to flush toilets and urinals.

We provide the latest in electronic faucet technology to meet the needs of any setting.