SCD-4 Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser in Venetian Bronze

SCD-4 Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser in Venetian Bronze

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MAC Faucets is proud to introduce our newest product line of stainless steel bathroom hardware. Built with style and functionality in mind, the new line allows us to expand on our vision of one cohesive finish for the entire bathroom design. EACH MEMBER OF THIS NEW LINE IS AVAILABLE IN 22+ FINISHES TO MATCH OUR FAUCETS, SOAP DISPENSERS, AND FLUSH VALVES. We’re thankful for the support that we’ve received from the design community, and are delighted at the opportunity to continue to provide EXCEPTIONAL value in design and architecture. ALL MAC FAUCETS LUXURY FINISHES ARE COMMERCIAL FINISHES, DONE IN THE USA BY ARTISENS WITH EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS. SMALL QUANTITY ORDERS ARE NO PROBLEM. LEAD TIME VARIES, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

The seat cover dispenser SCD-4 is a critical addition to this new product line. It is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and designed to mount onto the wall. It takes standard, off the shelf toilet seat tissue boxes commonly sold nationwide. The tissue box is inserted from the bottom in a manner that is common and well known by the cleaning crew. No learning curve involved.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Large Capacity Paper Area (capable of accommodating a large stack of paper and reduce the frequency of replacement)
  • Multiple Holes Design for Easy and Successful Installation
  • Smooth Arch Design for Safer Contact with Tissue
  • Available in 22+ Finishes to Match All MAC Product line