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PYOS-3200 Automatic Hands-Free Soap Dispenser with 32oz. Bottle in Satin Nickel

PYOS-3200 Automatic Hands-Free Soap Dispenser with 32oz. Bottle in Satin Nickel

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The Soap Dispenser:

Liberate yourself from soap serfdom with this solid brass electronic sensor soap dispenser. Unlike competitor's dispensers that force you to purchase their bottled soap at a significant premium, MAC PYOS electronic soap dispensers provide the freedom to select the soap of your choice from any vendor, resulting in both time and cost savings. Opting for MAC PYOS over the majority of competing electronic soap dispensers can lead to substantial savings on soap expenses. 

This unique soap dispenser is available in 22 finish options, offers AC power compatibility, a large capacity soap container option, and the convenience of remote control for various adjustments. 

Experience the freedom of soap customization with our solid brass automatic sensor soap dispenser. Say goodbye to being enslaved by specific bottled soap brands offered by competitors at exorbitant prices. With our Pour Your Own Soap (PYOS) system, you can choose any soap from any vendor, saving both time and money. By opting for MAC PYOS soap dispensers instead of most electronic soap dispensers from other brands, you have the potential to save up to $150 or more per year on soap costs alone. A comprehensive study supporting these savings can be found under the "documentation" tab, titled "soap saving study." We encourage you to take a moment to review this study.

Introducing the latest addition to MAC Faucets' collection, the Automatic Soap Dispenser. This dispenser is specifically designed for bathroom applications, seamlessly integrating with the overall design of the room. Here are three key reasons to consider the PYOS line of soap dispensers over competitors' models:

  1. Solid brass construction, providing durability compared to plastic alternatives.

  2. Available in 22 finishes, allowing you to match it perfectly with other bathroom fixtures, including MAC Faucets.

  3. Freedom to choose your preferred soap from any vendor.

In addition, the PYOS soap dispenser offers the convenience of adjusting soap portions and other settings using a handheld remote control (sold separately). The soap bottle and battery case can be installed separately from the soap spout, simplifying refilling and battery replacement tasks.

This heavy-duty soap dispenser is built for high-traffic applications. Its features include a solid brass soap spout construction (in contrast to plastic commonly used by competitors), an industrial-quality soap pump system typically utilized in medical and aerospace applications, and a triple plating process (chrome over nickel over copper) for enhanced durability. It is a true workhorse.

Designed for above-sink installation, the soap dispenser is available in battery-powered or optional AC-powered versions. Soap can be refilled from below the counter, and installation and maintenance tasks are straightforward, similar to electronic faucet and common electronic soap dispenser installations. The PYOS system offers the flexibility of locating the soap refill bottle in a convenient and easily accessible location. The refilling process is as simple as with any ordinary manual soap dispenser. Additionally, the batteries can be easily accessed and replaced. The heavy-duty battery enclosure houses four D-cell batteries, requiring minimal effort for replacement. This system is patented for its unique features.

Your purchase will include the complete soap dispenser, a 34 fl/oz (~1/4 gallon) soap bottle, mounting hardware, pre-installed batteries, and a 1-year warranty. We provide all the necessary hardware for a satisfactory installation.

Please note the following:

  • Our dispenser is suitable for liquid hand soap or lotion, as well as liquid antibacterial soap and other commonly used residential and commercial liquid soaps and lotions in bathrooms and lavatories. It is not suitable for grit-type soaps used in auto repair shops and factory floors.
  • To adjust the sensor distance and amount of soap dispensed, a remote control is required. One remote control can be used for multiple soap dispensers. However, please be aware that the remote control is an optional accessory, as the soap dispenser operates without it.