PYOS-1205 Automatic Soap Dispenser for Vessel Sinks

PYOS-1205 Automatic Soap Dispenser for Vessel Sinks

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This electronic soap dispenser is designed for vessel bowl sink applications rising 5" above the counter top.

Perfect match for MAC FAUCETS FA400-1205 electronic faucet

POUR YOUR OWN SOAP with this Brass automatic sensor soap dispenser, and free yourself from Soap Serfdom. With the competitor's soap dispensers, you're forced into buying their BOTTLED SOAP at a heavy premium, NOT SO with MAC PYOS-1205 electronic soap dispenser. Select the soap of your choice from the vendor of your choice, saving both time and money. Selecting MAC PYOS-1205 over the vast majority of competitors' electronic soap dispensers could potentially have a tremendous impact in terms of savings on the cost of soap. Study found here:

This MAC FAUCETS Automatic Soap Dispenser is ideal for bathroom applications where soap dispensers are an intricate component of the room’s overall design element. There are 3 key reasons to consider the MAC PYOS-1205 over competitors models:

1. Brass construction instead of plastic.

2. Available in 20 finishes to match the rest of the bathroom fixtures including MAC Faucets.

3. Matching in style to MAC FAUCETS FA400-1205 electronic faucet line. This is a paramount consideration in every bathroom design.

4. Freedom to select the soap of your choice from the vendor of your choice.

5. Noise-free, reliable operation driven by a “peristaltic” pump. “Peristaltic technology” as so reliable and noise-free that it is used extensively for medical applications.

6. Soap portion adjustment, as well as other adjustments are easily accomplished using a hand held remote control (sold separately).

7. Soap bottle and the battery case can be installed away from soap spout for ease of soap refill and battery change.


8. One gallon soap container option for high traffic applications (saves refill time). One gallon soap containers must be placed on a solid platform due to the weight of the soap. Please plan accordingly.

MAC PYOS-1205 is a heavy duty soap dispenser designed for heavy traffic applications. It features: Brass Soap Spout Construction (not plastic as with most competing dispensers), Industrial Quality Soap Pump System Generally Used for Medical and Aerospace Applications. A Workhorse.
This soap dispenser is designed for Vessel Bowl sink installation and use. It is installed in the sink vicinity near the faucet. It is available in battery power, or optional AC power. Soap is refillable from below the counter.

Your purchase will include: Complete Soap Dispenser, 34fl/oz (~1/4 gallon) Soap Bottle, Mounting Hardware, 4 Batteries Pre-installed, 1 year warranty. All the hardware needed for satisfactory installation. Four D cell batteries are contained in a heavy duty battery enclosure, and require minimal know-how to replace.

Suitable for liquid hand soap or lotion, liquid antibacterial soap and other such commercial or residential liquid soaps and lotions commonly used in residential bathrooms and public lavatories. Not suitable for Grit Type Soap (generally used in auto repair shops and on on factory floors).

Heavy-creamy soaps or cold weather installation WILL require mixing water with soap upon refill.