OTC200-210 PC Lowest Price Electronic Faucet + Electronic Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Material in Polish Chrome

OTC200-210 PC Lowest Price Electronic Faucet + Electronic Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Material in Polish Chrome

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Electronic faucet is sold complete and ready for installation
Use with cold water or premixed hot/cold water.
If mixing of hot/cold water is required, please consider A-12910 mixing valve

Please Note:
Drain, Deck Plate, and Under Sink Mixing Valve are Sold Separately.
To purchase these items, please see mixing valve options section top of this page below Quantity Discount Section, or visit the "Accessories" page which is accessible on the left of this page.

This sale includes 1) OTC200 electronic faucet, and 1) OTC210 electronic soap dispenser.

Minimum of 2 holes are needed in your sink or countertop to occomodate these items.

ADA Compliant Lavatory Automatic Sensor Faucet, Stainless Steel Construction, Vandal Resistant, Suitable for Commercial and Residential Applications.
Package Includes: Faucet, valving system, One Stainless Steel Hose, Mounting Hardware,
4 AA Batteries Pre-installed, 1 Year Warranty.

You're looking at the first and to, the best of knowledge, the only electronic faucet made of Stainless Steel, chrome plated for durability, and priced below $400.00. THIS PRICE IS AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, AND MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. NO RAIN CHECKS OR PRICE MATCH. This faucet is made of tough 304 stainless steel material, many times tougher, more robust, and longer lasting than similar brass faucets, at a fraction of the price. The finish is brilliant chrome. Vandal resistant.
(The optional deck plate is stamped brass plate, triple chrome plated).

Sensor is digital plug and play type which requires no setup or programming. OTC200 sensor incorporates "Human Feel logic" in its design. The result is a faucet that works in harmony with the user, and adds to the overall user experience. Solenoid valve is a high efficiency plastic valve with fine particle filter built in. Four AA batteries are pre-installed for convenience. The mixing valve (optional equipment) is nickel plated solid brass with back flow preventers which inhibits commingling of hot and cold water in the plumbing system. Packaged in a very professional custom package to insure that the product arrives to the client in good condition.

POUR YOUR OWN SOAP with this Stainless Steel automatic sensor soap dispenser, and free yourself from Soap Serfdom. With the competitor's soap dispensers, you're forced into buying their BOTTLED SOAP at a heavy premium, NOT SO with the PYOS System. Select the soap of your choice from the vendor of your choice, saving both time and money. Selecting any of the MAC PYOS soap dispensers over the vast majority of competitor's electronic soap dispensers could potentially save as much as $150 or more per year on the cost of soap alone. A powerful study is found under the "documentation" tab. The study file is named  "soap saving study". Please take a moment to view this study.

Part of MAC Faucets' newest Product Line "OTC" or Over The Counter". This soap dispenser is ideal for heavy traffic bathroom applications. There are many key reasons to consider the OTC line of soap dispensers over competitors models:

1. Stainless Steel construction instead of plastic.

2. Best Priced electronic soap dispenser sold in the USA, yet made with the highest quality material and workmanship.

3. Freedom to select the soap of your choice from the vendor of your choice.

4. Soap portion adjustment, as well as other adjustments are easily accomplished using a hand held remote control (sold separately).

5. Soap bottle and the battery case can be installed away from soap spout for ease of soap refill and battery change.

6. One Full Gallon soap container option for high traffic applications (saves refill time). One gallon soap containers must be placed on a solid platform due to the weight of the soap. Please plan accordingly.

This is a heavy duty soap dispenser designed for heavy traffic applications. It features: Stainless Steel Soap Spout Construction (not plastic as with most competing dispensers), Industrial Quality Soap Pump System Generally Used for Medical and Aerospace Applications, Triple Plating process, Chrome over Nickel over Copper. A Workhorse.

This soap dispenser is designed for above sink installation and use. It is installed in the sink vicinity near the faucet. It is available in battery power, or optional AC power. Soap is refillable from below the counter.

Installation, soap refill, and battery replacement tasks are straight forward. The installation is similar to that of an electronic faucet, and identical to the installation of common variety electronic soap dispensers. The OTC Line provides the installer with the option of locating the soap refill bottle in a convenient location for ease of access and refilling. Refilling the soap requires the same competency and know-how as refilling soap on an ordinary manual soap dispenser. Soap Bottle can be installed where it is easily accessible for refilling, a very unique and important feature when comparing this soap dispenser to the common variety soap dispenser. Batteries can also be located for ease of access and replacement. Four D cell batteries are contained in a heavy duty battery enclosure, and require minimal know how to replace.

Your purchase will include: Complete Soap Dispenser, 70 fl/oz (~1/2 gallon) Soap Bottle, Mounting Hardware, 4 Batteries Pre-installed, 1 year warranty. All the hardware needed for satisfactory installation.

* Suitable for liquid hand soap or lotion, liquid antibacterial soap and other such commercial or residential liquid soaps and lotions commonly used in residential bathrooms and public lavatories. Not suitable for Grit Type Soap such as that used in auto repair shops and on on factory floors, or heavy lotions.

* Remote control is needed to adjust amount of soap delivered. One remote control for many soap dispensers. The remote control is only an option. The soap dispenser will operate without it.