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ATV-4 EvrLast TOILET Flush Valve

ATV-4 EvrLast TOILET Flush Valve

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Preorders available, please call our office at 562-808-2240

Will ship early September 2024 

Introducing the all new EvrLast toilet flush valve, possibly the most advanced flush valve on the market today

 EvrLast by MAC Faucets is a Design philosophy, a method in which to design and manufacture new electronic bathroom hardware.  Acknowledging the MIX DNA of these great products, long lasting metallic hardware + electronics with comparatively shorter life expectancy, EvrLast employs modular design techniques to create a product line whose life expectancy is measured in decades not in years. This new method basically separates the metallic hardware, which has a life expectancy measured in decades and even centuries, from the electronics and mechanical components, which have an inherent life expectancy measured in years. The latter is designed as a cost-effective replaceable cartridge, which requires minimal installation time and know-how. In this new method the two dichotomous halves come together seamlessly and with minimal effort. 

After years of satisfactory service, and at pre-determined intervals, the cartridge which is an integral part of the ATV-4 flush valve may be replaced. The cartridge, comprising integrated batteries, electronics and valving system (all hardware that may become defective with use) is easily replaced by a professional or a lay person in less than 5 minutes.  After the cartridge is replaced, the flush valve is brought back to “as new” condition. The new replacement cartridge will be updated with the latest in hardware and software technology keeping your flush valve up to date with functionality and sophistication, an added bonus. 

The Everlast ATV-4 Flush valve cartridge design is based extensively on the current, ultra-reliable, ATV-2 and AUV-2 flush valve designs. The ATV-2 toilet flush valve, and the AUV-2 urinal flush valve are some of the most reliable and longest lasting flush valves on the market today, with a proven service record spanning a quarter century.

Evrlast flush valves are available in 22 commercial grade decorative finishes that are matching to all MAC Faucets bathroom products. ATV-4 is manufactured in accordance with applicable unified plumbing codes and will fit any NON-TANK type commercial toilet installed in the US and Canada. Easily accessible manual flush button provides means of manually flushing valve. Low Flow Application and normal flow applications.

Evrlast flush valves provide a higher level of reliability and longevity. Designed to outlast any competitor’s valve by decades, the Evrlast models are the embodiment of a new and revolutionary concept in electronic plumbing design. 

ALL BRASS AND STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION, BODY, VALVE, AND ESCUTCHEONS. The longest service and life expectancy of any flush valve on the market today. Patent US10975559

Unique benefits:

  • Much longer life expectancy than any competitor’s product.
  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • No diagnostics needed. Issues are fixed in under 5 minutes.
  • Available in 22 finishes.


    • Solid Brass Body.
    • Stainless Steel Valving System.
    • Replaceable valve cartridge for ease of service (first of its kind, worldwide).
    • Integral, non-serviceable batteries.
  • Low Water Consumption 1.20 gallons per flush. Available in many flow options.
    • Accessible manual Flush Button.
    • Particle Strainer Built-In for Longer Life Expectancy.
    • Hermetically Sealed Sensor and electronics.
    • Visible Low Battery Indicator Built into Sensor Capsule.
    • Available in 22 commercial grade decorative finishes.
    • Standard 1” pipe connection at wall.
  • Standard 1-1/2” connection to toilet. 9” long spud. Available in other length options, please call.


This purchase includes:
Flush Valve, Stop Valve, Spud and Coupling, Wall Flashing, Fixture Flashing, 8 AAA Batteries Pre-installed , 1 year warranty. Please Note: Complete unit.